• The Summer Wind (Lowcountry Summer #2) Undead and Unworthy (Undead #7)

    Kid, I’m sorry. I looked at Daniels, and from the stark expression on his face, I knew that I did not look good. Something’s wrong.

    You can’t laugh mid-kiss and refuse to tell me, Q. One of her hands came around the front of my trousers, dropping to cup my cock.I flinched, bowing closer as she tugged me hard. I want to know.

    Beneath a Midnight Moon

    The beast inside roared, and I fought the urge to slap Tess’s hand away. She was getting too bold around me. She wasn’t frightened enough to satisfy the sickness inside, but at the same time, her touch turned me on beyond belief.Gone was the compulsion to be sweet. Sweet, tender… I spoke three languages, but I failed to understand those words. Whatever lurked inside would never learn them. It was a moment of insanity to think otherwise. But I wanted to keep Tess in one piece and to do that, I had to tame myself. No matter how much the leash would hurt.Rocking back, I broke Tess’s hold on me and picked up my coffee. I gulped it back, welcoming the scald on my tongue—the pain helped ground me. It wiped away frivolous emotional thoughts and made me regroup.

    Your Guardian Angel (Guardian Angel #1)

    I had to focus on work. Not this woman who turned my thoughts and body against me. Avoiding Tess’s gaze, I placed the empty coffee cup in the sink. We have to go. We’re late as it is, and God knows what’s happened with my company these last four days.I buttoned up my blazer buttons and smoothed the silk teal tie.

    Risking a look at Tess, my throat closed taking in her glare. Her face was flushed, feverish; her eyes bright, shooting blue-grey lightning bolts right into my cock.

    I’m in agony, Q. I need some relief. You can’t expect me to spend the day by your side and not go out of my mind. She came closer, but I captured her hands, keeping them from destroying my self-control.Oh, dear God, I moan as I feel liquid soak the boxers I’m wearing.

    I know he feels the damp fabric as he pushes his cock harder against me. I’d love to make you come, baby, but you just don’t seem that interested in what I’ve got to offer.As he begins to pull back, I grip him in panic. No. No! Lucian, fuck me, don’t stop!

    An Abundance of Katherines

    I expect him to tease me some more. Maybe make me beg him for it, so I’m surprised when instead he unleashes his alpha side. He shifts me in his arms until he somehow manages to strip the boxers from my hips before pulling down his own. His cock is at my slippery entrance and I’m writhing against him. His hips pin me to the wall as he curves a hand around my neck. You’re mine and I fucking love every inch of your body. Never call yourself names or think I don’t want you because you own me. With that, he plunges deep, and in only moments, we’re both coming.After, we shower quickly and he hands me a loose skirt and top that he picked out. He even manages to keep a straight face when he grabs another pair of his boxers and uses the same rubber band to secure the waistband. I can take you shopping this evening when I get home.

    I grimace; the last thing I want my ultra-fit boyfriend to do is help me pick out maternity clothes. I have to draw the line somewhere. That’s okay. I’ll see if Rose can go to the mall with me. She loves to shop.Lucian gives me a smile of wry amusement. She’s pretty singular in her taste, though. You might end up at the repressed housewife outlet store.

    I try to keep a straight face, but it’s impossible. A giggle escapes before I can slap my hand over my mouth. I’m going to tell her you said that.I’m terrified, he deadpans.

    You probably should be, I reply, completely serious. He looks at me for a moment and then nods his agreement.Yeah, how about keeping all of that to yourself. I don’t need her trying to take me out. She’s already made a few subtle threats about the new gun her daddy bought her.