• Monument 14 (Monument 14 #1) Death's Shadow (The Demonata #7)

    Miss Charming and Miss Gardenside met her on the landing. Strangers in formalwear swirled through the front door, handing cloaks and hats to servants, laughing as they made their way to the great hall. Charlotte had to wonder where Mrs. Wattlesbrook found them all. A casting agency? The local YMCA? There must have been three dozen fresh bodies in Regency clothing. From this vantage, Charlotte couldn’t see the police tape on Mallery’s door or the bullet hole in the wall. Austenland was primped and pretty.

    Not at all. It does my heart good to see Riley have someone her age around. She’s been without that for so long. Hearing her talk and laugh helps me sleep at night.The more I heard Riley’s parents talk about her, the more I was convinced she may actually be perfect. The girl had to have faults. I just couldn’t figure out what they were yet.

    The Shining Ones (The Tamuli #2)

    I’ve got biscuits I made up last night in the freezer I’m about to pop in the oven. Bryony loves honey and biscuits, so I make them once a week as a treat. I can get you some coffee while they’re baking.Not a coffee drinker, but thank you, I told her.That’s right. I keep forgetting. What about some milk?

    Beat of the Heart (Runaway Train #2)

    I set my book down. Didn’t feel right having her wait on me. I’ll get it. You just point me to the glasses.Riley walked into the room just as I stood up. Again her hair was messy from sleep and she looked beautiful.

    You’re an early riser today, she said with a sleepy smile.

    So are you, her mother replied.‘Well, I’m feeling empowered already,’ muttered the girl sitting next to Issy. Issy glanced at her. She was glamorous and perhaps slightly overdressed – with jet-black ringlets, bright red lipstick and a fuchsia mohair jumper that totally failed to conceal massive bosoms underneath. Issy wondered if she’d get on with Helena.

    ‘So how do you make yours stand out? Anyone?’One of the older men raised his hand.

    Rough Canvas (Nature of Desire #6)

    ‘Is it acceptable to lie about your age?’The trainer shook her head severely.

    ‘It is never, under any circumstances, permitted to lie on your CV.’The girl next to Issy put her hand up immediately.

    ‘But that’s just stupid. Everyone lies on their CV. And everyone assumes that everyone else lies on their CV. So if you don’t lie on your CV, they’ll assume you have so that you’re in fact even worse than you’ve just said you are, plus if they find out you haven’t told a single lie on your CV they’ll assume you’re a bit stupid. So it’s a bad idea.’There was a lot of nodding from round the table. The trainer ploughed on regardless.

    ‘So, you need to stand out. Some people like to use raised fonts, or even write their CVs in rhyme to give them that extra edge.’‘Can I just say that I’ve been hiring staff for years and I hated gimmicky CVs, I always threw them in the bin. Whereas if I got one with no spelling mistakes, I’d interview them immediately. Hardly ever happened though.’