• Uglies (Uglies #1) The Color of Magic (Discworld #1)

    She had no doubt the guards blade remained at Fenryss throat. That it would spill blood. Maeves order of restraint bound Fenrys too well—along with that strange gift of his to leap between short distances, as if he were moving from one room to another.

    What? I shook my head. No, thats not true at all. I mean, Konstantin— I didnt know what to say about him, so I skipped over it. Ive only been trying to protect the kingdom! I would never do anything to hurt it!Bain held up his hand toward me. Calm down. I didnt say that I believed Queen Mina. I just told you what shes saying.

    The Hunters: Destiny Rising (The Vampire Diaries #3)

    I rolled the posters back up, since I hated looking at them. Im sorry. Its just . . . its not true.Mina also said that she called off the war against Viktor Dålig, Bain said. I could only gape at him, so he went on. She says that its all smoke and mirrors put on by you and Konstantin, and that too many people have died. So shes just keeping Doldastam on lockdown until you and Konstantin are brought to justice.But . . . I shook my head, not comprehending. That doesnt make sense.

    The Return (Titan #1)

    Konstantin and I had thought the plan was for Viktor Dålig and his army to attack Doldastam, and then Mina would come in and save the day, thus becoming an indispensable savior, so she wouldnt be dethroned.But if she was eliminating the threat of Viktor, then how would she become a necessary hero? And what was even the point of building up the Viktor threat in the first place? And why was she so insistent on keeping the town locked down?

    The behavior of the Kanin royalty is increasingly erratic, Bain said. So Wendy doesnt plan to tell them that youre here, and shes agreed to grant you amnesty as long as you need it.

    That should have been a relief, but I barely even registered what Bain had said. My mind was racing to figure out what Mina was plotting, and what that would mean for everyone in Doldastam, along with myself and Konstantin.Be careful, he said and finally released me.

    I ran out after the King. He, Ridley, and Baltsar were walking quickly and purposefully toward the front door. Baltsar was talking to Mikko, telling him everything that he should do and say, and what response he advised based on what the leader of the army might say to him.What should we do? I asked Ridley in a hushed voice as I fell in step beside him.

    The Madman's Daughter (The Madman's Daughter #1)

    Try not to let the King get killed, and try not to get killed ourselves. He glanced down at me. Thats the best Ive got.We reached the front hall, and I was doing my best to slow the racing of my heart. Seven guards—veteran ones who had been working around the palace and not training—stood at attention around the hall. Their hands were on their swords, ready to act if they needed to.

    If Mina and Viktor had sent their full army, it didnt matter if the entire Skojare force were in the hall. They werent ready, and theyd be slaughtered.Ridley and I flanked the King on either side, while Baltsar went to open the large front door. Mikko stood tall with his head high, and it was definitely a good choice to release him from the dungeon. He was far more intimidating than Marksinna Lisbet.

    Baltsar looked back at us, making sure we were ready, and the King nodded. So Baltsar opened the door.Standing right outside on the dock was a small hobgoblin, maybe three feet tall. In some ways, hobgoblins were like miniature ogres, except that they were far more symmetrical in appearance. His features were humanoid, but his skin appeared slimy, with thick grayish brown hair sticking up wildly on his head. Like ogres, hobgoblins were insanely strong.

    Id met hobgoblins before, and I realized that Id actually met this one in particular. He was Ludlow Svartalf, the right-hand man of Sara Elsing, the Queen of the Vittra. Hed accompanied her on trips to the palace in Doldastam before.Just to the right and slightly behind him stood Finn Holmes, offering us an uneasy smile.