• Ten Thousand Skies Above You (Firebird #2) No One to Trust (Red Stone Security #1)

    Rune’s brows rose. Meaning you’re an Atlantean princess?

    And the Order won’t be opposed to destroying her to achieve it? Those oceanic blue eyes held steady, unreadable. How does that make your goal any better?A palpable tension poured over Brock, Gideon and Dare at the bold retort. Lucan was taken aback slightly too, but Zael’s forthrightness only served to remind him that, although the Atlantean had come to the meeting in peace, he was still a powerful being who would not be cowed. Not even by a room full of Breed warriors and their Gen One leader.

    UnStrung (Unwind Dystology #1.5)

    I’m not interested in a philosophical debate, Lucan said, without heat. We need to know which side the colony stands on if a war is to come.Neither, Zael said. All in the colony hope for peace, but enough of our lives have been spent already. That’s why the colony exists. That’s why its inhabitants defected from Selene’s rule after the fall of the realm. They want no part of anyone’s war or vengeance—yours or hers.Lucan cursed. So, you’ll all just stand by and wait for the dust to settle around a victor, then determine your course? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what that makes you in my eyes, Zael.

    The Shadow Queen (The Black Jewels #7)

    I didn’t say I wouldn’t choose a side. Zael’s expression was placid, but there was a dangerous gleam in his gaze. The colony is my people, but so is Selene. And there are others like me—her former legion and a handful of advisors—who feel her rage has blinded her to what is right. Cassianus was one of those people too. That’s why he stole his daughter away, to protect her and give her better a life outside Selene’s new realm.Is that why Cass stole one of the Atlantean crystals? Lucan asked. To keep Selene from using it war against the Breed and man?

    Zael’s brows arched. Jordana told you about the crystal her father was rumored to have taken?

    She didn’t tell us. She showed us.Did you pass anyone when you ran up? I asked.

    He nodded. Some of the camera crew—the ones who’d gone up with us—were about halfway when I reached them, but they’d heard the screaming and were headed back up. I honestly ran right past them.I need their names, even if we have to line them up. Who else do you guys remember?

    The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles #3)

    Penna’s forehead puckered. I don’t remember where Zoe was…or Bobby, for that matter, but I know they didn’t make the initial hike up.Bobby called for support, Landon said. I heard his voice, but I don’t remember when.

    Penna shook her head. I don’t know. There were so many people there.Whoever pushed her could have hidden off the trail, Landon said. I ran so fast that I didn’t look on either side of me. Shit, they probably could have made it back down before Leah hit the water.

    Okay. Well, that’s way too many people to narrow it down. Fuck. What do you guys want to do? You want to kill the movie?We said we’d see it through for Nick, Penna said.

    I’m not letting this take anything else away from him, Landon added.I knew that would be their answer and sighed. Right, but you guys haven’t been the targets. I don’t care about me as much, but they went after Leah. She’s… I swallowed, trying to get past the lump that formed in my throat. I can’t let anything happen to her.