• Bloodstone (Deadtown #3) Satan's Stone (Demon Kissed #4)

    Oh, not really. I think its just an example of why shes feeling so defeated and daunted by the process of trying to build a better life. And I do think shes really concerned shes been neglecting her daughter. She promised to sleep on it before she makes her decision.

    Stop, Karen said, cutting her off. She didnt know why her sister felt like she needed permission. Everyone seemed to want approval in one form or another. They said good-bye and hung up.Ten minutes before the Anson couple were due to arrive to sign the closing papers, her desk phone rang again. Karen reached for it.


    Karen Goodwin. How may I help you?This is the nurse at Thomas Jefferson Elementary, the voice on the other end of the line said.Is everything all right?

    Flutter (My Blood Approves #3)

    Its Buddy. Hes come down with the flu and is sick and vomiting. Can you come for him?Oh boy. Okay—Im just about to go into a meeting. The timing was the worst. Ill call my husband to see if he can pick up Buddy.

    Poor Buddy. More than anything, her young son hated throwing up. He must really be sick. Karen tried Garths cell, but it went straight to voice mail. Garth sometimes turned it off, especially when he was working hard on a project, so she tried the direct line to his office.

    Mark Holmess office.And you are satisfied with your standard of living? Possess all that you would choose to own?

    There was only a brief pause, during which he no doubt considered the specifications of the latest American muscle car. Mr. Benloises office is upstairs. But its locked and I dont know the code. Nobody been there since he dint come in no more.Lead the way, she said dryly. I will have no trouble getting in.

    See How They Run (Embassy Row #2)

    After entering the gallery space, they crossed over to an unmarked door which revealed a set of stairs that were unmarked and uncarpeted, little more than a steel ladder painted black. As they ascended, with him in the lead, she noted that the walls on either side were likewise matte black and the motion-activated lights that came on were inset into a ceiling that was the same.At the top, she put her body between the keypad and Streeter, and entered her mothers birth date. As the lock slid free, she shot a glare over her shoulder.

    My brother would not appreciate the way you are looking at my legs. I am also armed and a very good shot. You can get rich or get buried. Tell me, what is your choice.Before he could move, she outed the nine she kept hidden in her coat and shoved it right into the mans crotch.

    As Streeter gasped and defensively went to grab the weapon, she took out her second nine and placed it to his throat.Do not doubt me. Ever, she said. I have no attachment to you whatsoever. You live or die, it matters not to me. If you are useful, however, you will benefit greatly.

    There was a tense silence. And then Streeter muttered, You are so his sister.Did the dark hair and eyes not give me away? she drawled. People back home always say that Ricardo and I have the same-shaped face, too. Now apologize.