• The Saints (Quarantine #2) Nine's Legacy (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files #2)

    It will be enough for tonight. But tomorrow, we can all go and find lots more. How about that?

    When the drizzle became depressing.When the constant heat became debilitating.

    Delilah: The Making of Red (Nova #2.5)

    Some nights, we still stared out to sea, begging for a plane to pass. Some mornings, it was hard to get out of bed, faced with yet another day of momentous gathering, hunting, and island living.But for every dark day, there were bright ones.For every tear, there were smiles.

    The Marcelli Bride (Marcelli #4)

    For every argument, there was laughter.We used our time wisely, slowly increasing our skills and building bigger and better things. We educated ourselves not by text books and professors but through nature and trees. And slowly, our mental and physical capabilities adapted to our new place.

    I would never admit out loud that I’d accepted this as my home, but in my heart, I couldn’t deny it.

    This was my place. My safety. My chosen sanctuary.She stayed against the tree, watching me.

    The fight switched to lust. Insane, undeniable lust.I could barely speak; it came out more like a feral growl. If you can’t answer me, then you should probably run.

    Passion Fruit

    You’re not safe with me. Not right now.She stopped breathing but didn’t move.

    My cock thickened, my heart thundered, and every molecule turned heavy. Too late.My hand darted from her cheek to the back of her neck, yanking her lips to mine. Don’t you dare hate me for this.

    She stiffened the moment we kissed; her fingers scratched at my t-shirt, her legs squirming for purchase.But I’d reached my limit.

    She was mine. And she had to be taught that her life wasn’t hers anymore. She didn’t get to decide what risks she took. She owed me because she was the only person to look inside me and see redemption.I didn’t wait for her to submit. My tongue darted past her lips, taking what I wanted, no needed. I needed her. I needed her so damn much I felt unhinged. Dangerous. Not entirely human.