• Temptation Ridge (Virgin River #6) The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer #2)

    The door opened, and one of the doctors came in. I see we have new visitors, he said. I’m Dr. Snow.

    I had to walk away from this. Had to. I’d appreciate it if you would leave, I said, and headed back toward the chapel.You’re just a chip off the old block, he called after me. No sense denying it.

    Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #22)

    When I entered the room, Corabelle looked up from the coffin. He’s in the wrong pajamas!It’s okay, baby, her mother said. The duck ones are just as lovely.I didn’t really want to approach the box that held Finn, the lid open and a spray of purple hyacinths covering the lower half.


    But I did. He looked nothing like he had in the hospital. His cheeks were colored pink, his mouth stitched closed. They had rearranged his lips to sit more naturally together, even though they had been formed to the tube when we held him that last time.The pajamas were slightly too big, tucked beneath him. I was sure if I could see his legs, the footed part would dangle off the end. But I said none of this. I think there are more ducks than frogs in the ocean.

    Corabelle laid her head on my shoulder, and I relaxed. This was just a ritual. A bit of time to pass. Maybe when it was behind us, she would be better. Maybe I would figure out something to say.

    The minister came in with his black suit and white collar, a pale face topped with scant wisps of blond hair. Lovely boy, he said, gazing down at the coffin, and I wondered how many babies he had seen in boxes.She paused with her hand on the door. I love Will. He’s my best friend, a part of my family, and he…he knows what I need. He’s good for me. She gave me a smile that about sent me to my knees. I’m so glad I met you, Jagger.

    She opened her door and moved to get in. Paisley! I called out, unable to stop myself.She turned her head with raised eyebrows.

    King (King #1)

    He’s a lucky bastard, and I hope he knows it.8. Keep some semblance of peace in my life.

    I parked at my parents’ house on Fort Rucker and did a double take. Was that…? Yes, it was. Daddy was going to be frosted when he found out, if he hadn’t already seen it. Maybe I should skip breakfast this morning.The fifteen-foot-tall polar bear statue that kept watch across from the museum now stood guard in Daddy’s front yard, wrapped in dozens of PT belts. That thing was at least fifteen hundred pounds, and I tipped my hat to whoever had moved it.

    At least this wouldn’t be boring.I grabbed my handbag and headed for the house. As flight school class pranks went, this was a pretty good one. This new class had just started, and they were already at it.

    I heard Daddy from his office before I even shut the door.I don’t care what your goddamned schedule says! Get that thing off my lawn! And you’d better handle the responsible party! His voice echoed through the foyer, but our golden retrievers, Layla and Clapton, didn’t move from their prone position, only thumped their tails when they saw me.