• Once in a Full Moon (Full Moon #1) The Write Stuff

    A chill skated down Lucian’s spine as he glanced at his brother. But what?

    I didn’t think you would’ve told him anything we wouldn’t want out. He curled his fingers around the railing, crushing the vines under his palm. The last thing Maddie needed right now was the kind of bullshit that followed Daniel around. Turning back to the land below, he eased his fingers off the railing. I’m not worried about that at all.Even though he wasn’t looking at her, he sensed her inching closer. A moment passed and she asked, I know it’s not my place to ask, but why is Daniel not allowed to be here? I mean, she did respond to him. That’s a really good thing.

    Stalk Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #1)

    Lucian pushed off the railing, facing her. First off, it is your place to ask. You’re living here. You’re taking care of Maddie. And you managed to get her to do something other than sit and stare at a wall, so you’ve earned that right.The set of her shoulders relaxed. Okay.He cocked a hip against the railing, loosely folding his arms. The reason Daniel isn’t allowed here is a long story.

    Keeping the Moon

    We have time, she insisted. Madeline’s had her dinner and we can see her from where we are. She gestured at the door with her chin. Maddie was sitting in front of the easel.Lucian stared at his sister through the door for a moment, still shocked to see her painting. Since she’d returned, he feared that nothing would change for her. That her life would consist of having someone assisting her with nearly every basic need. Seeing her doing something, anything, on her own almost brought him to his knees with relief.

    And as terrible as it sounded, he was glad he now had a reason to have Julia’s undivided attention. He was discovering that was extremely hard to do, something he’d never had experienced before.

    Normally he always had women’s one hundred percent attention.It was a magic he did not possess. A magic Raiden had once tried to understand, only to discover he never could, for he was not meant to wield it.

    He had not been blessed with talent.Irritation passed across his features. He’d been right to rebuff his mother’s counsel. After only a moment of hesitation, Raiden followed in his emperor’s footsteps, his back turned from the magic that had saved him as a child.

    Blue Moon (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #8)

    Kanako watched her only son disappear into the darkness below. A deep pang unfurled behind her heart. It writhed through her chest and nestled in her stomach, a slithering eel lurking in the reeds, ever present.She’d known her warrior son would not falter in his allegiance to his sovereign, but she had tested him anyway. Just to see how he would respond. To see if he might change his mind. Raiden was at that particular stage in life in which he wished for all, thought he knew all, and expected to live forever. On occasion, it prompted unforeseen outcomes.

    But time had taught Kanako that what was expected rarely came to pass. Death always collected its due. The only thing that remained steadfastly true was power. The power you had. The power you gave.Raiden’s loyalty to his younger brother ran as the river Kamo through the center of the imperial city, cutting the land in two. Perhaps Kanako and her son would stand on opposing banks from time to time, but when the plans she had carefully been laying for years finally came to pass, he would be standing beside her, without question.

    It was true Raiden loved his brother with an admirable kind of ferocity. But Kanako was his mother, and she had lost much to give him all. Taken much from many, even their very minds and thoughts and hearts.She would not see him waste it, especially not on a sniveling rat dressed in yellow silk.

    With a sigh, Kanako turned in a circle, the edges of her kimono taking to the air, swallowing her like withering petals until she vanished, leaving behind nothing but a trace of her perfume.It was a night for magic. A night swirling with mystery, an unknowable energy pulsing in its depths.