• The End of Games (The Single Lady Spy #2) Torn (A Wicked Trilogy #2)

    I don’t know how you stayed under their radar but keep doing it. My guess is that they want to use Madeline’s daughter as bait to draw her out.

    Are you as curious as you were a few hours ago? I challenged and I saw in his eyes the remembered pain of our earlier show down. The head in my lap lifted at the edge in my voice and I scratched it soothingly. Remy stood silently beside me.The witch’s lips twisted in a small smile. Curious, yes. Foolhardy, no. I see now that there is much more to you than I was given to understand.

    Night World : Daughters of Darkness (Night World #2)

    Pretty words, but forgive me if I don’t believe you, I scoffed. I was suddenly grateful for the two hulking beasts between me and him.He stepped into the room and the hound at my feet growled. See? Who am I to provoke one who commands the devil’s own?I don’t command anything. I ran a hand through the thick fur of the dog’s neck and he gave a rumbling sigh. They’ve never known kindness before. I just showed them how it feels. I realized I had stopped using my power the moment the witch arrived. The hellhounds were under no one’s influence but their own.

    Salvation (The Captive #4)

    The Hale witch stared at me with open fascination. Compassion and kindness are powers unto themselves if wielded correctly. Look at these beasts – they will serve no other master now. Yusri al-Hawwash will not be happy to lose two valuable servants along with his cargo.Remy made a threatening sound at hearing his little cousins referred to as cargo. I reached over to pat his leg and Remy laid a hand on my shoulder.

    Our interaction didn’t go unnoticed by the witch. And did you show the troll kindness as well to gain its allegiance?

    Muffled thuds upstairs and faraway sounds of shouting made us all look at the ceiling. It was the first sounds of other people since Remy and I had entered the house and it reminded me that we had no time to dawdle down here. I had no idea if it was the Mohiri or my werewolf friends fighting up there or what could come down those stairs at any moment.I couldn’t imagine dealing with that on top of the week I’d just had. I liked to think I was someone who was usually cool and collected, but lately my emotions were so close to the surface I was almost afraid of them. I asked the universe to forgive me my self-absorption, thankful that I was not someone who wasn’t going to make it home today, and continued on my path to the gate desk. There was no one in line, and the man behind it began to smile in welcome as I approached.

    Hi, I was wondering—Oof! I winced as a laptop bag attached to a big guy whacked against my right shoulder, knocking me back on my heels. The big guy didn’t even realize he’d hit me as he strode right past and cut in ahead of me.I’d like tae upgrade tae first class, please, he said in a deep, loud, rumbling, very attractive accent that did nothing to soothe my annoyance with him for cutting in front of me.

    American Vampire (Vampire for Hire #3)

    Of course, sir, the gate agent answered, in such a flirtatious tone I was sure that if I’d been tall enough to see over the big guy’s shoulder I would see the agent batting his lashes at him. Okay, flight DL180 to Boston. You’re in luck, Mr. Scott. We have one seat left in first class.What? I shoved my way up next to Rude Guy, not even looking at him.

    The gate agent, sensing my tone, immediately narrowed his eyes at me and thinned his lips.I was coming here to ask for an upgrade on this flight and he—I gestured to my right—cut in front of me. You saw him do it.

    Miss, I’m going to ask you to calm down and wait your turn. Although we have a very full flight today, I can put you on our list and if a first-class seat opens up, we will let you know.Yeah, because the way my week was going, that was likely.

    I was first, I insisted, my skin flushing as my blood had turned so hot with anger at the unfairness. He whacked me with his laptop bag pushing past me to cut in line.Can we just ignore this tiny, angry person and upgrade me now? the deep, accented voice said somewhere above my head to my right.