• Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin #1) Borden (Borden #1)

    I was still kind of sulking, reeling from the fact that both my mother and my newly discovered gay brother wanted to do bad, bad things to Jack, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

    Closing his eyes, he leaned forward and very tenderly, he licked the fresh blood off my skin. He wrapped his mouth around my lip, drinking as much of my blood as he could, and he moaned softly.As soon as his lips touched mine, a wonderful weakness spread through me, and I arched my back. An intense quivering started in my heart but radiated out all over me, so my whole body shuddered.

    Precarious (Jokers' Wrath MC #1)

    When he kissed me fully on the mouth, I thought I would explode. I could taste my blood on his tongue and the intense excitement that went along with it.His mouth felt hungry and needy, but there was nothing forceful or rough about it. His muscles trembled with restraint. I knew the things he wanted to do me, the things that I would gladly let him do, and I could feel how hard he had to fight that off.Carefully, he pushed me back onto the bed, his lips never leaving mine, and he pressed me into the soft mattress. His body laid on me, and I felt his heart pound against mine.

    Night Creature: Crescent Moon (Nightcreature #4)

    Burying my fingers in his hair, I tried to pull him to me. No matter how close he got, I knew he’d never be close enough. I wanted him underneath my skin, and when I breathed in deeply, I smelled that tangy perfect scent I associated with Peter.I slid my hands under his shirt, desperate to feel him. His normal temperate skin burned hot. It felt amazing, so I dug my fingers into his flesh, and he moaned against my mouth. His hands found their way under my shirt, smoldering against the trembling skin of my belly.

    He managed to pull his lips from mouth, and they traveled down to the exposed skin of my throat. He pressed his lips against my veins, feeling the pulse against his skin.

    There was a hunger so strong it was painful. I thrust my body against his, begging him to drink, and suddenly, he growled and sprang from my arms.That’s two pieces of good news in one morning, said Nick.

    Jesse’s wolf cocked his head. Two pieces?We have the location of Hector’s parents.

    Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders #3)

    Anticipation rushed through Jesse. Where are they?You need to take me with you, Nick, said Shaya.

    The Alpha male sighed, and it was clear they’d had this conversation before. Shay—Nick, let’s be honest here; you’re not particularly pleasant, she said without any judgment. You need someone to temper you. That’s what I do. She did, and she did it often.

    Eli folded his arms across his chest. Shaya is good at keeping the peace, Nick. It’s what makes her such a good mediator.Nick gave him a look that said traitor. We’ll talk more about this later, Shay. Then he turned to his Beta pair. I know how badly you want to come, but I need you here. I need to know my daughter is well protected.

    She will be, vowed Ally. You can count on that.Nick inclined his head and then slid his gaze back to Jesse. I intend to take you, Roni, and Marcus.