• Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock #3) The Bloody Red Baron (Anno Dracula #2)

    And though she told herself not to … a little smile tugged on Yrenes mouth as they rode into the awakening city.

    It would set the tone, and send a message. Not to Morath.Impress us, Hasar had said.

    Heart of the Highland Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #7)

    So she would. So shed picked the golden armor and her battle-crown. And waited until dawn, until that siege tower slammed into the battlements, before unleashing herself.To keep the men here from breaking, to wipe away the fear festering in their eyes.To convince the khaganate royals of what she might do, what she could do. Not a threat, but a reminder.

    Through the Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles #2)

    She was no helpless princess. She had never been.Goldryn sang with each swipe, her mind as cool and sharp as the blade while she assessed each enemy soldier, their weapons, and took them down accordingly. She dimly knew that Rowan fought at her side, Gavriel and Fenrys battling near her left flank.

    But she was keenly aware of the mortal men who leaped into the fray with cries of defiance. Theyd made it this far. They would survive today, too. And the khaganate royals would know it.

    Galloping hooves drowned out the battle, and then Chaol was there, sword flashing, driving into the unending tide that rushed from the towers entrance.Two figures were stooped amongst the carefully plotted rows of green. He drifted toward them.

    He knew her by the golden-brown hair, so much lighter in the summer sun. Her skin had turned a lovely deep brown, and her eyes …It was a childs face, lit with joy, that looked upon the woman kneeling in the dirt, pointing toward a pale green plant with slender purple cones of blossoms swaying in the warm breeze. The woman asked, And that one?

    Sin & Magic (Demigod of San Francisco #2)

    Salvia, the child—no more than nine—answered.And what does it do?

    The girl beamed, chin rising as she recited, Good for improving memory, alertness, mood. Also assists with fertility, digestion, and, in a salve, can help numb the skin.The girls broad smile revealed three missing teeth.

    The woman—her mother—took the girls round face in her hands. Her skin was darker than her daughters, her hair a thicker, bouncier curl. But their builds … It was the womans build that the girl would grow into one day. The freckles that shed inherit. The nose and mouth.You have been studying, my wise child.

    The woman kissed her daughter on her sweaty brow.He felt the kiss—the love in it—even as a ghost at the gate.