• Cain's Identity (Scanguards Vampires #9) The Shadow Queen (The Black Jewels #7)

    The art gallery was a small, intimate gathering. About fifty people mingled, talking and drinking in a narrow room hung with bright colorful paintings on the otherwise white walls.

    It’s definitely been too long, Eric murmured. Way too long. I tried to contact you so many times after—She closed her eyes and he broke off. I’m sorry, he said quietly. Of course you don’t want to talk about it.

    Tied with Me (With Me in Seattle #6)

    He’d always been one of her favorite of all of her grandpa’s apprentices and now she remembered why. She shook her head and hoped that Joe wasn’t picking up on all the things that weren’t being said, but she knew he was far too sharp for that. The fact was, she didn’t want him to know. She didn’t want anyone else to know her shameful truth.I heard you were working for Gib, Eric said to her. That’s awesome. He’s doing so great with Reclaimed Woods. I always thought that you two might end up . . . He gave Joe a quick glance and then lowered his voice. You know.I work for Gib, she said. That’s it. There’d always been an unspoken belief amongst everyone at one time or another that she and Gib would end up together. And for the longest time she’d believed it too.

    A Dirty Job

    Gib was a good guy. But deep down she could admit that she’d always known he wasn’t the right guy. She realized now that there was a huge difference between teenage love and grown-up love. In the past, she’d never really let herself think about being happy and in love. But sometimes in the deep dark of the night, she’d dreamed of what type of man she secretly wanted, and she always thought it’d be someone like Gib—kind, caring, gentle in spirit.But lately she’d realized something. He was actually the complete opposite of what she needed, and that realization had absolutely nothing to do with her annoying attraction to Joe and everything to do with her own secret craving for love and acceptance.

    Except . . . maybe it had a little to do with her attraction to Joe. Over the past week, he’d been there for her without question. In fact, he’d stepped up in a way no one else ever had. Whatever the two of them had going on, friends or maybe more or maybe far less, the fact remained that in a very short time, she’d come to trust him more than she’d thought herself capable of.

    And there was more. In addition to the trust and the fact that she ached for his body, he allowed her to be her. Even when she was crazy, wearing a blond wig, insisting he learn how to carve.Let’s get you settled. I shifted her so that she was positioned higher up on the mattress and slid a pillow underneath her head, then I pulled the comforter around her. How’s that?

    She didn’t answer right away, and I was wondering if she’d passed out.You saw me barf.

    The Other Side of Love (Forever Love #3)

    I suppressed a chuckle. You were sick, honey. I wanted to take care of you.I’m s-sorry. . . . she groaned.

    It’s okay, pretty girl. Just rest, okay? I smoothed the hair back from her face. She looked so sweet, so vulnerable, passed out drunk against my pillow, dressed in my Yankees T-shirt. I continued just watching her, caressing her cheek and tucking her hair behind her ear.She mumbled something unintelligible. Bennn . . . she groaned.

    Shit. I was about to lift her up and carry her back to the bathroom just in case she was going to be sick again. Yeah, baby?Emmy pouted, her bottom lip jutting out like she might cry. She looked really pretty . . . she had a cute tummy. . . .

    Emmy’s brow crinkled in concentration as she fought sleep. She’s having a . . . a b-baby, and it might be your baby, right, Ben?I don’t think it’s my baby. I choked on the words. We were seriously discussing this now? I almost considered leaving her to sleep but I was too curious to hear what else she might say.