• Playing Dirty (Stargazer #2) A Bloody London Sunset (Sunset Vampire #2)

    Poppy slowly tipped her face toward the man looming above her. Forsaken, she muttered.

    She snorted but the laughter seemed to back up in her throat with the sexiest little gasp when he pulled her closer so that the insides of her thighs snugged tight to the outsides of his.You’re going to let me drive? she teased.

    Holding The Cards (Nature of Desire #1)

    This rooftop’s too rough for you to be on your back, he said, cupping her bare ass. Up on your knees, Willa. And then before she could move, he lifted her himself, urging her to sink slowly onto him.They both gasped, mouths locked on each other’s, kissing deep and wet, hands clutching whatever they could reach, moving slowly at first, then faster and harder, until Keane completely lost himself. Winding his fist in her hair, he forced her head back, suckling on her exposed throat, marking her.She came first, digging her fingernails into him, the combination of pleasure and sweet pain sending him skittering into the void right along with her.

    Rapture Untamed (Feral Warriors #4)

    It was a very long time before Willa managed to catch her breath and her world stopped spinning out of control. Or started spinning again. She couldn’t figure out which. In either case, she was completely dazed as she realized something shocking.

    Several somethings, actually.

    One, she was sitting on Keane, wrapped up tight in his warm, strong arms, arms that still quaked with the seismic rockings that came after some really great sex.And how are you, Kate? Eloise asked.

    My stomach chose this moment to growl. Loud and long, too, thunder rolling across the plains. Hungry, I guess. I laughed.Whoops. No laughing allowed. My husband was dead. Her son. The laughter stopped.

    Warbreaker (Warbreaker #1)

    Eloise’s face didn’t change. She gave a small nod.Sorry, I whispered. I looked away.

    Have you gotten back to work yet? she asked, folding her hands.Not yet, I said. I had a wedding this past weekend, but my assistant covered it. Max. You met him, I think.

    Yes. A nice man.Yes. Another stomach growl. We both ignored it this time.

    The waiter came over. I’ll have a martini, three olives, very dry, I said, even though it was only 1:12 in the afternoon. But wait! I might be pregnant. Actually, just water. And a Caesar salad, and the filet mignon. Because the baby would need iron and stuff. Until Cousin Tilly from St. Louis came to visit, I was pregnant, goddamn it.House salad for me, thank you, Eloise said. Dressing on the side, please.