• If Not for You (New Beginnings #3) Unseen Messages

    There were a couple girls at the party he was trying to impress, and he got it in his head that if he took them out on a boat, that would do it. I went with because he was so drunk I knew he couldnt drive. If I was there, I could take control. That would make everything okay.

    Ignorance is not something Im familiar with. So I cant help but feel that I should have known—shouldve seen this coming.After all, I lived with Drew for two years. how long does it take for a leopard to change its spots?

    Naamah's Kiss (Moirin's Trilogy #1)

    Oh, thats right—they dont.My mother brushes my hair back from my face. hush now, Katie.My eyes are swollen and my nose is stuffed, making my voice sound nasally and childlike. W-w-what . . . am I . . . g-g-going to do, Mom?

    Head Over Heels (Lucky Harbor #3)

    She smiles calmly, like she has all the answers. Like she has the power to take away any hurt—even this one—as easily as she used to kiss away the pain of my bumped shins and scraped knees.Youre going to sleep now. Youre so tired.

    She continues running her fingers through my hair. Its soothing. Relaxing. Sleep now. . . . Go to sleep my sweet, sweet girl.

    My father taught me to play the guitar, but I get my voice from my mother. Lying in bed, I close my heavy eyes as she sings. Its a Melissa Etheridge song about angels knowing that everything will be all right. Its the same song she sang to me the night my father died—the night she slept in this bed with me. Because she couldnt bear to sleep in their bed alone.And why is that? she asked. She could feel him leaning down to her, his body pressing against her.

    Because I didnt want it to happen like this. Or at least not here, like this, with people swarming around us, against a tree, Daniel said. But you look so, so beautiful, and I just cant resist.You didnt want what to happen like this? Harper asked softly, but she already knew.

    Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels #8)

    His lips were nearly touching hers when he said, The first time I kissed you.Then he was kissing her, and everything else went silent. Harper put her arms around his neck, pulling him to her, and he kissed her deeply, pushing her against the tree behind her. Daniel had a bit of stubble, and it scraped against her skin as he kissed, but she loved the way it felt.

    It ended far too quickly, with Daniel pulling away, while Harper leaned against the tree, struggling to catch her breath. It was probably for the best, since there were people everywhere, and she didnt want to make out in front of everybody.But she was still sad when it was over. Nobody had ever kissed her like that before, and she actually felt weak in the knees. Shed always just assumed that was a figure of speech, but Daniel made her feel that way.

    Should we head down to the beach? Daniel asked.Uh, yeah. She smiled and nodded.

    He took her hand again. She stayed close to him, but this time it was because she was afraid she might fall. She hung on to his arm, and he made a joke that she couldnt really hear over the music, but she laughed anyway.Is here good? Daniel asked.