• The Sea Wolves (The Secret Journeys of Jack London #2) Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed #1)

    Mid-flight? Chubs asked, his voice brimming with hope. Over a desert?

    Ezra’s back. He’ll be there to pick you up in fifteen minutes.Why not you? Are you okay? Is everything alright? I demanded, feeling my heart race painfully.

    Turn and Burn (Blacktop Cowboys #5)

    I’m fine. Ezra will explain more. I’ll see you soon. Jack messaged me back, but I still felt relieved.You’re not going over there! Milo watched me as I pulled on my Famous Stars and Straps zippered hoodie, the one I had worn the night Jack had been attacked by that dog.Yeah, I am, I replied flatly, searching around for my shoes.

    The Lair of the White Worm

    Dressed like that? Milo asked in disbelief.Yeah. Finally, I found my shoes and slipped them on. Things have changed. I don’t need to impress them anymore.

    Are you like breaking up with them or something?

    I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about me not choosing to see them, but as soon as I did, I dismissed it. It would be impossible for me to ever end things with them. I was inexorably tied to Peter, and I’d probably fallen in love with Jack.Oh, gosh. Mae looked over at Jack for help, but he just shook his head.

    I only know the age they were when they turned. Jack had been leaning forward onto the island, but now he stood up and leaned back on the kitchen counter behind him, crossing his arms over his chest. Peter’s nineteen and Ezra’s twenty-six. You’re the oldest.Thanks, Mae gave him a wry look, then turned back to me. Well, Peter’s not quite two-hundred. Maybe one-ninety or something like that. And Ezra is… Gosh, it’s so horrible that I don’t know how old my own husband is. Oh! Jack, you remember! We had that big party a few years back when he turned three-hundred? When was that?

    Redemption Road (Vicious Cycle #2)

    I don’t know, Jack shrugged. Like… five years ago? Time’s really hard to keep track of anymore.You’re telling me that Ezra is over 300 years old? I asked.

    Ezra, who had to be one of the most perfectly attractive people I’ve ever seen and drove a Lamborghini. He’d been around for over three centuries. I had never felt so small or insignificant in my entire life.Yep. I’m the baby. By a lot. Jack grinned broadly, and part of that made sense. Ezra and Peter’s eyes looked so much older, and everyone seemed to indulge Jack the same way you would indulge the baby of the family.

    But you call them your brothers, and they can’t be. I remembered when I asked Jack about it being a fraternity, and slowly, it dawned on me what I had said that had made him laugh. They’re blood relatives.Not in the human sense, no, Mae explained. But as vampires… brothers still isn’t exactly the right word. She looked back over at Jack. You understand this better than I do.

    It’s hard to explain until it happens to you, or if you don’t know the person that turned you, Jack took a step towards the island and nodded at Mae. Ezra turned Peter, and Peter turned me.He laid his hands flat on the countertop and watched me, gauging my response to everything they were telling me.