• The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #4) Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack #7)

    ‘You look like you could use some sugar.’

    He’s not Father, you know.Max glared at Edward. But you act like it.

    Sweet Surrender (Sweet #1)

    Only because you’re out of control.Lane took Max by the hand. He’s sorry, too, Edward. Come on, let’s go before anyone hears us.It took some tugging, but eventually Max followed along without further comment, the fight over, the bid for independence dashed. They were halfway across the black and white marble floor of the dim foyer when Lane caught sight of something way down at the end of the hall.

    Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling #5)

    Someone was moving in the shadows.Lane yanked his brother into the total darkness of the ballroom across the way. Shh.

    Through the archways into the parlor, he watched as Edward turned to the cart to try to find the cork, and he wanted to yell out a warning for his brother—

    As their father entered, William Baldwine’s tall body blocked the view of Edward.He smiled lopsidedly. ‘I won’t.’

    Closing his eyes for a moment, I was forced to look at closed eyelids. His lopsided smile, something I had rarely seen, remained on his lips. It was partway between a smile and a smirk.‘They’re running one now, in the bathroom opposite.’ He jerked his head towards the door.

    Wild Crush (Wild Cards #2)

    ‘Thanks.’ I twisted, throwing the sheets off and caught a glimpse of the clothes I was wearing: nothing but a long baggy T-shirt.‘I’ll get you some clothes,’ he said, disappearing into the wardrobe, appearing again a moment later, handing me a pair of leggings, a long, light wool jumper and fresh underwear.

    ‘You need to keep warm,’ he explained, facing away from me, looking out the French doors. I took the clothes, tucked them under my arm and inched off the bed, gripping the post for support. Feeling like a child trying to take her first steps, I got to the bathroom, blushing wildly at Kaspar’s fussing.‘Will you be okay on your own? I will be in my room, if, well …’

    I nodded. Scented steam hit me as soon as I stepped in, wafts of lavender escaping into the corridor. The mirror was coated in condensation and all the fittings were dripping with water – so was my skin as I hung my fresh clothes over the rail furthest from the bath. Reaching to shut the door, I noticed that the key for the lock had been removed.I grabbed a towel from the rail and stripped down as quickly as I could, wrapping the towel around myself. I did not dare look at my body. I fiddled with the support on my wrist, struggling with the Velcro, which might as well have been glued shut.

    When I managed to free my wrist, I wiped a patch on the mirror, holding my breath. I did not want to do this. But I had to.I let the towel drop and gasped. Most of the smaller scratches and cuts had healed; so had the larger wounds on my right side, but on the left, five strips of shiny, mottled skin ran across my br**sts and down my stomach. I touched the top of one of them, wincing as it stung, noticing that the scars on my neck that had been pinpricks were now each as big as my thumb. I sank onto the edge of the bath, covering myself back up again.