• Sea Glass (Glass #2) Hit List (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #20)

    We broke apart then, promising to call each other later, and when I got into my car, I glanced out my window to see him still standing there. I wiggled my fingers.

    Mr. Smythe-Smith tipped his head toward his daughter but did not look at her. Iris?He did ask me, Father. She cleared her throat. Before . . .

    Life Eternal (Dead Beautiful #2)

    Before Aunt Charlotte . . . saw . . .Richard took a breath, trying to hold himself back. Iris was miserable; she could not even finish her sentence. Couldn’t her father see this? She did not deserve such an interrogation, and yet Richard instinctively knew that if he were to intercede, he would only make it worse.But he could not do nothing. Iris, he said softly, hoping she would hear his support in his voice. If she needed him, he would take over.

    Predatory (Immortal Guardians #4)

    Sir Richard asked me to marry him, Iris said resolutely. But she didn’t look at him. She did not even flick her eyes in his direction.And what, her father asked, was your reply?

    I—I had not yet made one.

    What was your reply going to be?I cannot stress how important your performance will be this season, Coach droned on. His dark gaze lingered on me in a way that made me feel like he’d noticed just how crappy my sprints had been. You’re not going to get a do-over. You’re not going to get second chances to impress these scouts. There isn’t a next year.

    Megan’s gaze slid toward mine and her brows lifted about an inch. This was a wee bit dramatic.Coach went on and on about good life choices or something, and then he was done. Dismissed, our group made our way toward the remaining burgundy-and-white gym bags.

    Second Chance Pass (Virgin River #5)

    Megan bumped her shoulder into mine as she reached to grab her water from the top of her bag. You kind of sucked today.Thanks, I replied, mopping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand. I feel so much better after hearing that.

    She grinned around the rim of the bottle, but before she could respond, the coach yelled out my last name. Oh crap, Megan whispered, widening her eyes.Swallowing a groan, I pivoted around and jogged over to where he was standing near the net we often had to repeatedly jump in front of. When Coach used your last name, it was a lot like your mom using your full name.

    Coach Rogers’s neatly trimmed beard was more salt than pepper, but the man was fit and more than intimidating. He could run those bleachers in half the time Megan could, and right now he looked like he wanted to order me to do another set of ten. If he did, it would be RIP Lena.I was watching you today, he said.

    Didn’t look like your head was in practice. He crossed his arms, and I knew I was in for it. Are you still working at Joanna’s?Tensing because we’d had this conversation before, I nodded. I closed last night.