• Mine to Keep (Mine #2) The Bourne Supremacy (Jason Bourne #2)

    Black fire raced down his blood, his veins, trying to drown out those thoughts.

    Her temper, despite all that loomed, despite the bastard ruling over this city, warmed something in him. Enough so that Chaol closed the distance between them, halting her pacing by taking her hand. He brushed his thumb over her wedding band.I wish you were meeting her instead—my mother, he said softly.

    The Naked Face

    The fierceness in her eyes banked. I do, too. Her mouth quirked to the side. Though Im surprised your father cared enough to send them away at a whisper of a threat.Theyre assets to him. I wouldnt be surprised if he sent them with a good part of the trove.Yrene glanced around in doubt.

    Crave (Fallen Angels #2)

    Anielle is one of the richer territories in Adarlan, despite what this keep suggests. He kissed her knuckles, her ring. There are chambers full of treasure in the catacombs. Gold, jewels, armor—rumor has it the wealth of an entire kingdom is down there.Yrene let out an impressed hum, but said, I should have told Sartaq and Nesryn to bring more healers than the fifty we selected. Hafiza would remain with the foot soldiers and cavalry, but Eretia, her second-in-command, would fly with the ruks and lead the group, Yrene included.

    Well make do with what we have. I doubt there was a single magically gifted healer in this city until an hour ago.

    Her throat bobbed. Can this keep survive a siege long enough for the terrestrial army to get here? It doesnt look like it can withstand another winter, let alone an army at its doorstep.He ran his thumb over the back of her hand. Ill make the tattoo again. She swallowed, but nodded. And, he added, Id like to add another. To me—and to you.

    Her brows flicked up, but he squeezed her hand. Youll have to wait and see, Princess.Another hint of a smile. She didnt balk from the silent words this time. Typical.

    Twilight Memories (Wings in the Night #2)

    He opened his mouth to voice the question hed been dying to ask for days now. May I kiss you? But she pulled her hand from his.Admiring the wedding band sparkling on her finger, her mouth tightened as she turned over her palm. Ill need to retrain.

    Not a single callus marked her hands.Aelin frowned at her too-thin body. And pack on some muscle again. A slight quiver graced her words, but she curled her hands into fists at her sides and smirked at her clothes—the Mistward clothes. Itll be just like old times.

    Trying. She was dredging up that swagger and trying. So he would, too. Until she didnt need to any more.Rowan gave her a crooked grin. Just like old times, he said, following her out of the barrow and back toward the ebony river, but with far less sleep.

    He could have sworn the passageway heated. But Aelin kept going.Later. That conversation, this unfinished business between them, would come later.