• Dead Wolf (Kiera Hudson Series Two #5) Battle Magic (Circle Reforged #3)

    I turned off the shower and Hunter guided me out of the tub by hand like a bad boy gentleman. While he began drying my body with a towel, sneaking kisses against my skin here and there, I spotted a tray on the bathroom counter with a plate of eggs and sausage, another plate with toast, a jar of grape jelly to the side, and a tall glass of orange juice. I was impressed not only by the demonstration of his culinary skills but also by the presentation.

    ‘Well, try and catch up. I think I’ve found a man for your list.’Helena raised her eyebrows. ‘Does he have penetrating brown eyes and an offbeat smile?’

    Bloodstone (Deadtown #3)

    ‘No, Helena. That’s John Cusack again.’‘He’s called Austin. He’s got reddish-brown hair and works in a bank and—’‘Stop right there,’ said Helena. ‘Two gingers? It’s a calamity waiting to happen.’ She smiled at her flatmate. ‘It’s good to see you on form again.’

    Allegiant (Divergent #3)

    ‘I got the loan and I’m going to meet a potential member of staff.’‘Well, that is just great,’ said Helena. ‘Pretend you’re always this upbeat.’

    Issy kissed her and left the flat.

    Across town, Pearl McGregor turned over in the bed. Something – someone – was kicking her. Hard. It was like being bombarded by a very small elephant.I’ll pick you up at your place in thirty minutes, I told her.

    Oh. She glanced at my mother then back at me. Okay. If that changes, just call. I understand.I bent down and pressed a kiss to her lips right there in front of everyone. I knew they were all watching us. I knew there were questions. I wanted them answered. They could go home tonight and talk about Brady Higgens kissing Riley Young right there in front of God and everyone and hopefully forget the scene with my father. For my mom’s sake, at least.

    The Cursed (Vampire Huntress Legend #9)

    As for Riley, I wanted them to all know she was with me. We were together. And they could all get the fuck over it.After a night like this one I want to be with you. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.

    She looked up at me wide eyes and nodded, but her attention shifted to something over my shoulder. There was a flash of fear in her eyes. Okay.I glanced back to see where her attention had been turned to and saw Gunner approaching us. I was ready for this. In a way I had asked for it by kissing her in public. Gunner was my friend, and I hated all the shit he had been dealt. However, his family and the rest of this town had equally hurt Riley. I wouldn’t allow him to embarrass or hurt her any more.

    I prepared myself as I positioned my body in front of hers. The time had come for this, and I wouldn’t let her down. It was my chance to prove to her just how much she meant to me. This wasn’t some high school fling. We were more than that.Since you’re gonna make out with her in public, I figured I’d come over here and be friendly. So the whole damn field party knows this is good. I’m not hating on Riley or you, Gunner said as he and Willa appeared at my side.

    Gunner looked at me but directed his words to Riley. Glad you came, Riley Young. It was his way of letting me know this was okay with him. Maybe he wasn’t giving Riley the apology she deserved, and I hoped one day he would. But for now I could accept this. I still stood partially in front of her because it made me feel safer. Like no one could get too close.Riley glanced toward Willa, then back to Gunner. Thanks. Me too.