• Golden Son (Red Rising Saga #2) Crave The Night (Midnight Breed #12)

    Well, I have to get back. Tell the Proudfoot woman the doc said to come soon. The two move toward their police van. Oh, and let me know if Mrs. MacIntosh shows up. William MacIntosh is awfully worried.

    You need a ride to pick him up? he asked in what appeared to be a sincere, no-strings-attached offer.Yeah, that would be great. I’m going to take him to Luke’s in the evening. He’s gonna watch him till he’s feeling better—or at least until he’s able to withstand some roughhousing with Oliver.

    Begin Again (Beautiful #2)

    Good idea, Jax replied with a chuckle. He glanced at me in the mirror and I nudged my head to the girl, who was picking her nails silently. His forehead crinkled in confusion.I kicked the back of his seat and he shot me an irritated scowl in the mirror. I nudged my head to the girl again and raised my brows expectantly.Men. I sat up in my seat as far as possible within the restraint of the belt, willing myself to hold in another eye roll.

    Playing Dirty (Dirty #2)

    Hi, I’m Cassandra. We’ve never been properly introduced, and I don’t think Jax has the manners to do so any time soon.Yeah, didn’t cross my mind, Jax said, eyes on the road.

    No biggie. Jax and I aren’t that close anyway, she replied, peeking over at him with pursed lips.

    Uh oh, somebody was in trouble. I’d put good money on him not getting what he wanted from her—at least not without some serious sweet-talking.I dropped my head to hide the snicker fighting to escape. The guy appeared our age, despite the letterman jacket and baggy jeans that gave him an awkward gait.

    Caleb! Finally, man. I still can’t believe it. Josh dumped the empty tray in his hands onto a table and rushed over, pulling Caleb in for a one-armed hug.I couldn’t picture the Caleb I’d gotten to know over the past couple years growing up there. He never talked about the town other than having shared a few scarce memories about him and his younger brother. Looking at him now with his so-called high-school buddy, he looked just as out of place as I did.

    The Naked Sun (Robot #2)

    Yeah, it’s been too long. This is Logan, Caleb said, and they both pivoted to look at me. He’s a friend.I extended my hand and Josh shook it with an overeager, loose grip. So this is your place? I shot my gaze once around the room again. Josh nodded with a smile.

    Nice, I replied, pulling on the friendliest expression I could muster.I wasn’t sure whether I should hate him for serving those poor people anything out of that kitchen or admire his persistence to keep the place going. Either way, he wasn’t the smartest guy businesswise—that much was clear. And the whole ‘Any friend of Caleb’s is a friend of mine’ had never applied to us. I reminded myself I was there to have a good time, but it didn’t set in.

    His cheerfulness wavered as he gauged the sincerity of my compliment.How’s the profit in this place? I asked, my curiosity piqued. If it was the only restaurant in town, it could be worth something.

    Caleb’s hand slammed down on my shoulder. Don’t mind Logan. He’s all work until you give him a reason to play. I explained you were setting everything up tonight. Tell me you called in some of the girls I remember from around here.He shook his head, throwing me a wary sidelong glance. Nah, most of the girls from high school either left town, got married, or got fat, but…