• Dirty English His Lordship Possessed

    Iris looked over at him, and he regally inclined his head, signaling for her to begin. Chapter One, she read. Miss Ivory Truesdale was orphaned on— She looked back up. Are you sure you want me to read this? I cannot imagine you will enjoy it.

    We... I didn’t think anything would happen, I whispered, voice and soul and heart and everything about me feeling frayed and broken. We didn’t think.People so rarely do nowadays, Trooper Daniels responded, voice heavy. Especially kids your age. We see it far too often.

    The Reluctant Midwife (Hope River #2)

    Especially kids your age. Like it was nothing at the end of the day. They left the room, and all I could do was stare after them. The room was left in silence. This horrible, nerve-stretching silence. I closed my eyes, because I couldn’t bear to look at Mom, to see what I knew she was thinking.At fault in every sense of the word.The meds they administered into the IV made everything...easier and I was just able to lie there. I didn’t hurt. I didn’t have to talk. Lori and Mom were silent, sitting in their chairs, watching reruns of some show.

    The Darkest Angel (Lords of the Underworld #4.5)

    My brain didn’t shut down as I lay there.But I didn’t think about that night.

    I couldn’t think about that.

    As I lay there, feeling like I was floating a good foot or two off the bed, I remembered a different night.Shut up. Looping her arm through mine, she grinned. You liked it. Everyone likes a Lindsey level of butt fondling.

    That’s what I hear.She sucked in a sharp gasp. Bitch.

    The Guard (The Selection #2.5)

    A laugh curled through the night air as her arm tightened around mine. Love you.Love you long time, I replied, grinning as we hoofed it up the slight hill and the party came into view once more. Apparently I’d been hiding out for longer than I’d realized. Wow.

    Bright light streamed over the large patio and packed pool. Little dots fluttered in the stream of light, almost like glitter . . . if glitter wasn’t in the form of bugs that most likely bit the every loving crap out of you.I really needed to stop thinking about bugs.

    The thump of music was broken up by shouts and laughter. Water sprayed into the air as a guy on the football team power bombed the pool, dousing a cluster of girls in heels that stood too close and causing a splash big enough to drench half of our senior class.My eyes scanned for friendly faces and ended up on a whole lot of male flesh. The group of shirtless guys standing near the gas grill was the who’s who of hot guys at MHS. All of them played one sport or another—football, soccer, baseball, or basketball. And all of them took keeping their bodies sports-ready very, very seriously.

    Thank God and Lind’s baby Jesus for that.Their dedication to various favorite American pastimes packed on the biceps and cut those stomachs in a way that made a girl think about doing stupid things. Lots of stupid things.