• The Summons Diamonds Are Forever (James Bond #4)

    He put his other hand against my cheek, and I turned my head and kissed it. Yes, I said. Let’s go home.

    She refused to let him joke this away. So you . . . bailed.After you slept with her, she said.

    Fortune's Pawn (Paradox #1)

    Actually, there was very little sleeping involved.Elle shook her head. Why can’t men think with two body parts at the same time? Is it in your blood? Is it just in the genes? What?Actually, it’s a combo, Archer said from the table with his superhuman hearing. Don’t blame us—we’re born this way.

    Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2)

    Spence rolled his eyes and started to head out but Joe stood up.Hey, man, he said. Take my spot. I’m going to bed.

    Because he’s losing, Caleb said.

    Joe pointed at him. Just for that, I’m staying.The captain just shrugged. Have you eaten? he asked.

    Yes, Poppy said, still waiting for her pulse to return to normal. She waved her hand to the table. I saved some for you. I don’t know if it will still be warm.Likely not, he said, heading straight for the table. He didn’t sound concerned. Ah . . . He sighed appreciatively. Chicken in brown sauce. My favorite.

    Agave Kiss (Corine Solomon #5)

    Poppy’s head whipped around.He gave her a queer look. Is something amiss?

    Chicken in brown sauce? That’s what you actually call it?What else would you call it?

    Poppy’s mouth opened, and it hung that way for about two seconds too long. Finally she made a steadying motion with her hands and said, Never mind.The captain shrugged, indifferent to the meanderings of her conversation, and he dug into his food with the speed of a man who had put in a hard day of work.

    Chicken in brown sauce, Poppy said to herself. Who could have known?The captain paused with his fork halfway between plate and mouth. Do you have a problem with the food?