• The Breed Next Door (Breeds #6) Awaken to Danger (Wingmen Warriors #11)

    Realization hit her. You didn’t tell me before now because you worried I might suspect you raped her.

    After the evening meal, Derren and Eli headed for Collingwood territory. Soon enough, they were sitting in Matt Ward’s office. The guy had happily welcomed them, wanting news on how Nick and the rest of the Mercury Pack were doing.Once the chitchat was over, Matt asked, So, what can I do for you?

    Anything for You (Blue Heron #5)

    From the chair opposite the Alpha, Derren shrugged carelessly. Well, it’s simple, really. You and I both have a problem, and I figure we can help each other.Matt’s brow crinkled. Oh? And what problem is that?The Alpha stiffened, but he didn’t speak, just moved his startled gaze from Derren to Eli.

    Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires #5)

    She’s a member of your pack, correct? prodded Derren.I have it on good authority that she’s having a hard time here at the moment. That she and your Betas are having some . . . issues.

    Matt’s eyes narrowed. Where did you hear that? He was clearly affronted at the idea of outsiders knowing his pack’s personal business.

    Derren waved away the question. The good news, Matt, is that I can help you with this.He’d definitely prefer not to talk about it, but he wanted to see Ally’s reaction, wanted to know if she’d doubt him. I was accused of raping a human girl.

    Totally stunned, Ally just gawked.One of my friends from the pack, Wayne, was dating her friend, and that was how I met Julia. I only saw her a couple of times. Nothing at all happened between us. She had a human boyfriend—who hadn’t liked me one bit, paranoid that I wanted his girl. A couple of weeks after I last saw Julia, she was raped.

    Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor (Friday Harbor #1)

    She told the police it was you?She told the police she was followed home by a wolf. That as she was walking down an alley, someone then jumped her from behind, forced her onto her hands and knees, and raped her. It was her boyfriend who first mentioned me; he told the police I was jealous of him, that I wanted her. Unfortunately, those cops had a hate-on for shifters, so they immediately considered me the prime suspect, even though there wasn’t an ounce of evidence. Apparently Julia had washed it all away.

    And your pack’s Seer told them you were guilty? Ally asked. At his nod, she added, Why?His son, Wayne, was the one who raped her. Wayne broke down and confessed to me and his father. The next day, cops turned up at our territory. The Seer, Neil, had called them; told them he’d had a vision that it was me who’d raped her. He said that I’d forced him to keep it quiet by threatening to accuse his son, but that Neil didn’t feel he could hold his silence any longer. Derren smiled bitterly. He was a convincing liar, I’ll give him that.

    And, what, the police were happy to accept that?They hated shifters, and they wanted justice for Julia. They wanted someone to blame more than they wanted the truth.

    That made Ally think of how Greg and Clint had interrogated her; having already made up their minds on the matter of her guilt, they’d simply wanted a confession—not the truth.I was banished from the pack, so I didn’t have shifter legal representation. I had a human attorney who also happened to hate shifters. Neil stood up in court and testified against me. When your own pack stands against you, that’s enough to send you to prison.