• Night World : Soulmate (Night World #6) A Blaze of Sun (A Shade of Vampire #5)

    Alex was just, well, everything I wasn’t.

    Kent coughed out a laugh. Boy, I just took that the wrong way.Emery rolled her eyes. Normally, they would find you—or they could. They’d see your trace, and if they were hungry for some Luxen goodness, they’d either use you to get to the Luxen or use you as a snack. It wouldn’t just put the Luxen in danger, but also his or her friends and family. See, an odd side effect of the Disablers is that it blinds the Arum to the Luxen, so . . . they’ve been really hungry. They can’t search out most Luxen now.

    Tower Lord (Raven's Shadow #2)

    Normally? I’d caught that word.Normally, she said, her gaze roaming over me. If a Luxen heals a human, then we usually stay very close to them, just to be sure they aren’t in a danger, but you . . . you don’t have a trace, Evie.Relief made me dizzy. Oh God, I thought you were going to say I was as bright as the sun or something. This is good news, right? I’m safe. My mom is safe. Well, safe from the Arum thing. I’m not going to be some weird shadow alien’s snack. All I have to worry about is bone-breaking Origins.

    Anything, Anywhere, Anytime (Wingmen Warriors #6)

    Well . . . Kent took my empty can. I’m just a lowly human, but apparently if she doesn’t see your trace, then that might not be a good thing.Emery lifted her hands. Because every human who’s ever been healed always has a trace on them.

    Well, I’m human, so—Wait, but Luc—

    Luc is an Origin, Kent confirmed. But it works the same way. Origins leave a trace behind.I couldn’t say I still hated him. Hell, sometimes I wondered if I actually hated him back then. Sure, he annoyed me. He still annoyed the piss out of me, but hate? Yeah, not sure. Maybe I just loathed him.

    Loathing someone was probably worse than hating them.Either way, we were never friends. He’d been the hero. I’d been the villain. That was how I’d sum the both of us up. Now? I wasn’t sure what we were. Enemies? No. Friends? Maybe one day a week.

    Head Over Heels (Lucky Harbor #3)

    And we had very little in common.He lifted his chin in my direction. We’d taken care of the charred daimons that had made their way out of the crack, but there was something else down there.

    That was why we were hanging around, waiting.A rock tumbled into the crevice, drawing my attention. The sound of stone grinding against stone came next, and I knew whatever the hell was coming up out of this wasn’t some charred, dead-ass daimon. It was larger.

    Rising slowly, I stalked forward just as a diamond-shaped shadow crested the surface.What the…? Aiden trailed off.

    One large paw slammed down on the broken asphalt. Razor-sharp claws sunk in, digging up loose rock as it cut into the alley like a hot knife slipping through warm butter.As the thing moved into the flickering street lamp, my mouth dropped open. Another diamond-shaped shadow rose, and then another and another until there were five total.