• Rellik Changes (The Dresden Files #12)

    I didn’t want to explain this to him. I shouldn’t have to explain. It had nothing to do with him. I started to pull back, but his hand reached out again and caught mine.

    She scooted across the ferry in four bounds—it would seem everyone wanted Iseult off the boat as badly as she did. She topped the railing, sucked in a breath while another pram coasted by—this one covered in the day’s mackerel.She jumped. Her feet squished and suddenly she was sprawling on silver scales with a face full of gooey eyes. The fisherman shrieked at her—more displeased than surprised—and Iseult hefted herself up to find his black beard bearing down.

    Cryptic Cravings (Vampire Kisses #8)

    She pushed past—elbowing him in the gut, right as they cruised by a low staircase clumped with pole fishermen.A rough jump later and Iseult latched on to the flagstone stairs. None of the fishermen offered to help—they only shuddered back. One even stabbed at her with his fishing pole, his Threads a terrified gray.Iseult grabbed the end of the pole. The man’s Threads blazed brighter, and he tried to yank the pole back—but proceeded to yank up Iseult instead. Thank you, she thought, straggling up the stairs. She glanced back once and saw blood streaked on the stones. Her palm was gushing a lot more than the distant pain warranted.

    Witchling (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #1)

    She reached the street. Traffic swarmed past, and she scrambled for some strategy. All of her plans were falling through the hell-gates, but surely Iseult could take a moment to think. She was crap at running pell-mell—it was why Safi was the leader in these situations. Without time to strategize, Iseult always ran herself into corners.But as she stood there, slinking alongside the canal and clutching her bleeding hand in her cloak, she got the moment she needed.

    Wide road, she thought. A main artery from town, likely alongside this canal the whole way. Traffic organized in two directions, and a man leading a saddled brindle mare. No sweat darkening the mare’s shoulders. If I take her, I can flee the city entirely and hide overnight with the tribe.

    Though returning to the home she’d spent most of her life avoiding was hardly Iseult’s ideal solution, the Midenzi settlement was the only place she knew of that wouldn’t kick her out at first sight of her skin.I nodded. And a few offices for a handful of clients, kind of a word-of-mouth thing. I didn’t mention that I was also now licensed to clean up actual human crime scenes. We had set this up with the police as a precaution for when I needed to hide a supernatural incident. I also help clients get their homes set up for parties and events, so I work a lot of nights.

    Did you go to school for that? Bethany asked sweetly.No, I dropped out of college when my parents died, I said in as pleasant a voice as I could manage.

    Eve of Chaos (Marked #3)

    There was a moment of awkward silence, then Tara asked, Did you ever think about going back to school? I mean, that’s probably not the kind of job you want to stick with forever . . . right? She immediately looked flustered.I fought the urge to roll my eyes. They meant well—at least, I thought Tara did—but I’d run into this before. Educated white people just could not believe that a white kid from the suburbs would want to clean houses as a career. They were equally shocked that I’d gotten into a perfectly good college and didn’t want to go back for a degree. So then I was expected to defend what I saw as a perfectly reasonable career choice—except it wasn’t actually my career. It was my cover. The whole situation was just weird.

    Luckily, Juliet jumped in to save me. Scarlett started her own business when she was just twenty, she said proudly, and now she has employees. She’s doing just fine.I had to smile at that. It was cute to hear her bragging about me, even if it was about my human cover. Just one or two, I said. I had a regular part-timer, but she went off to college. I keep meaning to hire someone else, but I’ve just been calling in freelancers. This was more or less true, if you counted Jesse, who I did not actually pay. He didn’t need the money.

    What do you do? I asked Laurel, mostly to get the conversation off my job. As far as I knew, my cover story was bulletproof, but there was no reason to test it.Well, I used to design fountains for some of the casinos, Laurel replied, but now I run a nonprofit devoted to preserving Las Vegas’s history. We had our big gala event the same weekend as Juliet’s wedding, unfortunately. She shot Juliet an apologetic look, which Jules brushed off with a smile.

    Fountain designer? That was a real job? I filed that thought under Things Not to Say Out Loud.Tara, honey, are you all right? Juliet asked, looking across the table with concern. Sure enough, Tara had turned a little green.