• Mistress of the Game Old Blood (Experiment in Terror #0)

    "Where did you hear that old story from?"

    "Excuse me, Aiden wasn't the only one hurt." He turned and went back into the large treatment room."Lady McKenzie, maybe the waiting room will be a more comfortable place to rest." A deep voice recommended. Meryn looked up. It was the gorgeous white-haired man she had met before; the leader of the Gamma Unit. She took a deep breath and stood. She needed to know what happened.

    Phantom (The Last Vampire #4)

    "Sascha, report." She used the same crisp command she had heard Aiden use when her laptop was taken. Sascha snapped to attention in a knee jerk reaction before looking down at Meryn with a frown."Maybe you should just go to the waiting area with Lady Adelaide." His tone wasn't quite condescending but it was close. Without saying a word she lowered her backpack to the floor, unzipped it and pulled out a small black box."Here we go." Colton muttered.

    Tanner's Virgin (Evan Tanner #6)

    She smiled, he knew what the box was, because he had given it to her himself. She opened the box and pulled out her gun. Carefully she loaded it and put the shoulder holster on, and after a few adjustments it fit perfectly. She turned the gun over in her hands and looked up at Sascha who swallowed hard."Listen up, all of you!" She raised her voice so that it carried down the hall.

    "The few times I have met some of you I have either been crying due to an attack or laughing at the ball. Just so we are all clear, that isn't the real me. The real me is a cranky, psychopathic bitch who is extremely possessive of anything that I deem of as mine; Aiden being one of the most important things that belong to me. And since he isn't able to give you orders right now, you'll have to make do with me. I want the ferals responsible for hurting Aiden found and eliminated. They pose a threat to the city and the people I have actually come to like and that's not acceptable." She glared at the men were staring on in shock.

    "Lady Meryn, we have trained professionals who can handle this situation ..." Sascha started."Might I suggest a visit to Master Aiden? You do have that other package I bought. I left it in the pantry for safe keeping." Meryn jumped to her feet and turned to Colton.

    "Can we go visit Aiden?""Sure. Keelan texted me a little while ago to let me know that they were back at the barracks." Colton stood and stretched his legs.

    Black Magic (Alpha Pack #1.5)

    "Aiden didn't text?" Meryn asked. Colton laughed out loud."Aiden doesn't text. I don't even think his phone can text."

    Meryn stopped putting her laptop in her backpack and blinked at Colton."You're lying. Everyone texts!"

    "Not Aiden, I think it's because of those manly fingers of his. It takes him forever to type anything. If any texting has to be done, either Keelan or I do it.""He really is a Neanderthal." Meryn was going to have to pull Aiden into the twenty first century whether he liked it or not. She walked over to the door where Marius was waiting for them. He had gone to the pantry and returned with a large box.

    "Miss, your package." Marius set down a rather large box down in the hallway."Awesome. Thank you Marius!" She jumped up and kissed his cheek.