• Unleashed (Uninvited #2) The End of Eternity

    Usually, I would take his words for annoying overconfidence, but I knew that wasn’t how he meant them. He just knew, as I did, that sex between us was on a whole other level of epicness. Still, it discomfited me. Well, I don’t have a lot to compare it to.

    He crushed me against his chest. Fifty years. I’m locking you up for the next fifty goddamn years.Can’t breathe, I gasped, and he eased me back down to the floor.

    Claimed By Shadow (Cassandra Palmer #2)

    Great. I was still trying to figure out what I was doing down there, and why he was looking at me that way. My butt is cold.Relief flashed in his eyes and a smile touched his mouth. We can’t have that. In the next instant, he was sitting on the floor with me cradled in his lap. Better?Much better. I leaned my head against his chest, suddenly tired. God, what a night. First, I met the mother I hadn’t seen in sixteen years. If that wasn’t enough, we were ambushed by vampires. And then –

    Built (Saints of Denver #1)

    My head jerked up. The vampire girl!Someone was sobbing, and it was the most heartwrenching sound I had ever heard. I twisted in Nikolas’s arms until I could see behind him. In the corner, curled into a tight ball, was the vampire. Only she wasn’t a vampire anymore. The absence of cold in my chest told me I’d done it again.

    I tried to go to her, but Nikolas held me back. It’s not safe.

    Yes, it is. I met his worried gaze. Trust me. She won’t hurt anyone else.Patrice wasn’t lying. Now, however, I was just scared of Caleb knowing anything real about me. I didn’t want him to feel like I was forcing that part of myself on him.

    Yet Patrice’s gaze was sharpening as it flicked between Caleb and me, and I felt her beginning to unravel our secret. Or at least realize there really was something going on between us.Oh, fine. I shrugged like it was no big deal. I just don’t want to bore our guest.

    Addicted for Now (Addicted #2)

    It’s not a boring story.I composed myself and turned to him to find him already staring at me expectantly. It was almost seven years ago. I’d recently arrived in Boston and I was trying to get an interior design business off the ground. My uncle lives here and he had set up an appointment for me with one of his clients who had an apartment on Beacon Street. I didn’t have much money at the time and didn’t want to accept outright charity from my uncle, so I was living out in this poky little apartment near Boston College. The client worked late and she had me over at her apartment to almost midnight. I had to hurry to get the last train at Park Street. It was a weeknight. I sighed, feeling naive all over again. And, unfortunately, when I got there, there was no one else around. I was standing alone waiting on the train when this guy in a hoodie appeared out of nowhere. He had a knife and— I shook my head, seeing Caleb’s eyes narrow. Well. My tone turned bitter. You can imagine he wanted more than just my purse, though he wanted that too. However, I barely had time to think about what I was going to do when suddenly glass shattered over his head and he just collapsed at my feet. And there, standing in front of me with a broken bottle in her hand, was a nineteen-year-old Harper glaring at me. I smiled fondly at the memory. ‘Lady, are you stupid?’ she said to me. ‘You can’t walk around alone at this time of night.’ I was shaken by what had happened, but I took one look at her and said, ‘You’re alone.’ She just shrugged and said, ‘Do I look like I can’t take care of myself?’

    Anyway, I called the police, even though Harper didn’t want me to, but I assured her my uncle would get it all sorted out. Which he did. The creep got arrested and Harper didn’t. But there was something about her. It was more than just feeling like I owed her, you know. It wasn’t my place to go into Harper’s background, so I glossed over it. Anyway, she wasn’t in the greatest situation and I kind of forced her to move in with me and I found out that the girl could cook. Especially desserts. And they were so imaginative and creative. She dreamed of working as a chef and I knew my uncle was friends with Jason Luton at Canterbury. He pulled some strings, got her an audition, and Jason thought she had potential. Harper has worked her way up over the years to become his pastry chef.I love that story, Patrice said. Don’t you just love that story?

    Caleb’s expression had turned thoughtful, intense. Harper sounds like my kind of person.A flare of unexpected jealousy shot through me.

    Oh, Harper’s a doll. Very talented. And I’m sure she would agree that she owes everything to Ava’s generosity.No, I said sharply, upset that Patrice would think so. Harper would have found success no matter what.