• 13 Bullets (Laura Caxton / Vampires #1) Holy Frigging Matrimony: A Tangled Series Short Story (Tangled #1.5)

    What? She was flustered.

    We’ve spent almost every waking hour together for the past three weeks. She sleeps in my bedroom. Her makeup clutters my bathroom counter. Every morning she rumples her bedsheets to make it look like she’s still sleeping in her own room. I think it’s for Hunter’s sake, but he’s not an idiot. He knows.No matter how quiet we think we’re being when we have sex, I have no doubt both Hunter and Hollis are well aware that we’re sleeping together.

    Eternal Flame (Night Watch #3)

    But short of moving out, or asking Summer to, I don’t how to make the situation with Hunter any better. And at the moment, I need to focus on impressing Kamal Jain.Summer, I grumble. Your three minutes are up. I know the event is right downstairs, but I think it’d make a bad impression if we were late to—My vocal cords seize, all coherent thought flying out of my brain

    Rule (Marked Men #1)

    Summer’s closet is clearly a magical portal. She entered it wearing Lululemon pants, wool socks, and one of my hockey hoodies.She exits it looking like a goddess.

    A slinky silver dress is plastered to her body, hugging every tantalizing curve. A slit goes up to her thigh, revealing one long, tanned leg, and her silver stilettos add about another four inches to her already tall frame. Her golden hair is up in an elegant twist held together by an ornate clip that sparkles under the light fixture overhead. It takes me a moment to realize that her hairclip is sparkling because it’s encrusted with diamonds.

    Summer notes my expression. Her makeup is subtle except for her bright red lips, which curve into a smile. It’s really fucking hot.Avery glanced at her lap, noticed her bruised knuckles. I had three guys on rotation before New York. She didn’t need to explain the reference to New York. Everyone in their little club, along with bodyguards and detectives, were knee-deep in the drama surrounding the violent attack that changed her life. I cut them all off when I returned.

    Avery had asked herself that question many a night since. I think the easy answer is I didn’t feel safe anymore. But that’s not completely it. I’ve changed. The doctors said that a personality change after a head injury is normal. I didn’t question it very much. Sometimes I feel like my old self.But not all the time.

    Daja's Book (Circle of Magic #3)

    No. Most of the time I feel like an imposter.Is there anyone? Shannon asked quietly.

    Avery shook her head.Shannon placed a manicured fingernail on Avery’s bruised knuckles. What’s up with this?

    Avery closed a fist, turned to look Shannon in the eye. Trina doesn’t need to know. Not yet. She’ll blame herself. Considering it was Trina’s late father-in-law that hired the thug who attacked her, it was safe to say she’d suck in any blame for Avery’s issues and change in lifestyle.I’m the silent one. Secrets are my thing.

    Avery lifted her hands in the air, turned them backward and forward. Self-defense class.Shannon released a short breath. Oh, thank God.