• Mate Claimed (Shifters Unbound #4) Perfect Ruin (The Internment Chronicles #1)

    No, of course not. I need to use the little girls’ room anyway.

    Scrabbling at the tree, I hugged the rough bark and hurled myself up, reaching like a crazed, climb-retarded monkey for a branch just out of grabbing distance. I didn’t think I’d make it. I closed my eyes in preparation for a painful fall, but by some miracle, my fingers latched around the bough, clinging harder than ever before.I gave myself over to a skill I’d never used but hoped remained dormant in some part of my human evolution. I placed my foot against the bark, pulling upward with my hands. I reached for the next.

    Breathless (The House of Rohan #3)

    My breath came hard and ragged, my heart an overworking drum.I used the tree as my own personal stepladder to freedom, climbing higher and higher until I daren’t look down in case I blacked out and tumbled from heaven to hell.A large thundering came, overshadowing the yips and excited barks of dogs. The leaves around me shuddered as footfalls of a bigger beast came closer.

    Dollars (Dollar #2)

    Had Jethro come with others? Would Daniel be with him? Or even his father?My skin rippled with hatred. I meant what I’d said. I would find a way to kill them all before this was over. I wouldn’t let them spill any more Weaver blood. It was the Hawks’ turn.

    Turning slowly, cursing my shaking legs and suddenly nervous hands, I faced the forest floor from which I’d climbed. I was at least two and half stories up.

    I closed my eyes, swallowing hard.The second the door closed, I darted down the corridor and pressed my ear against the ancient wood.

    Eavesdropping never brought good news, but I refused to be in the dark any longer. Where did he disappear to when he struggled? Who or what did he run to when he slipped from ice to emotion?A low murmur of voices came through the door.

    City Of The Dead (Resident Evil #3)

    I couldn’t catch any words, but my heart raced at the sound.Jethro didn’t disappear to be on his own. He didn’t run to Kestrel or a Black Diamond brother.

    Of course, it wasn’t that simple.A woman who spoke with a softly whispered voice.

    A woman who’d lived all this time on the second floor of Hawksridge Hall.WHAT ARE YOU doing in here, Kite?

    My nickname. The term of endearment that I allowed no one but my sister to use filled me with equal parts relief and annoyance. I should never have used it to message Nila. Now its meaning intertwined with the debts. It would never again just be a simple term of togetherness between Jaz and me.I’d been so stupid to call myself after James Bond, too. Kite007. What a ridiculous name. It wasn’t that I even liked James Bond. I just thought he had cool gadgets and deserved his kickass status for always killing evil bastards.