• Belong to Me (Wicked Lovers #5) The Darwin Elevator (Dire Earth Cycle #1)

    Whatever, that wasn’t it. He shrugged and smirked. I just needed some stress relief that I couldn’t get from basketball. You know how it is.

    Nik opened the oven and carefully took out the trays of enchiladas.Thanks, Nik. And thanks for calling.

    Out of Uniform (Wingmen Warriors #14)

    Oh shit. She’d slipped and called his sister Angie. That’s what Carlos always called her, and so that’s how Nik thought of her, but she’d very clearly introduced herself as Angela when they’d met.Well, now his sister probably hated her.Or maybe his sister barely gave her a second thought, since her mind was kind of occupied with her cousin undergoing emergency surgery at that exact moment? Yes, that was more likely. Way to make everything about yourself, Nikole.

    The Willoughbys

    She slid the remaining two trays of enchiladas into the oven. Cooking and agonizing over whether people were mad at her. This was definitely not how she usually spent Saturday nights.She picked up her bag from where she’d dropped it by the door and brought it over to Carlos’s couch. Thank goodness she’d brought her laptop with her; at least she could get some work done while she waited to hear what was going on with Jessie and her baby.

    She set her laptop on the coffee table, opened it, and instead of getting work done, mindlessly scrolled through her various social media news feeds for way too long. No, this wasn’t helpful. She stood up and walked back into the kitchen. Maybe she needed a snack. Oh God, yes, a snack sounded like a great idea. And Carlos had tortilla chips, how perfect. Something she could stress-eat for hours as she got more and more tense, just what she needed.

    Shit, the enchiladas. She’d put the second round in the oven right after getting off the phone with Angela, but she hadn’t set her timer. Carlos had said twenty minutes, but she had no idea how long they’d already been in there. Five minutes, ten? She could check them, but she didn’t have a clue what enchiladas would look like after five minutes versus after ten versus after fifteen, so that would be no help. She set her timer for fifteen minutes and crossed her fingers.He got back in the bed next to her, his own plate in his hands.

    You haven’t even tried it yet. How do you know you love it?She picked up her fork and took a bite of eggs. Delicate and creamy, they were everything she wanted scrambled eggs to be.

    The Magicians of Night (Sun-Cross #2)

    Now I’ve tried it and I know I love it. Satisfied?Far too quickly, she’d finished all of her food and lay back down in bed.

    Oh my God, I’m so full I’m going to die.He was still chewing on his last piece of bacon.

    Maybe you shouldn’t have eaten so fast, hmmm?She pulled the blankets over her head.

    I worked up an appetite. I was hungry! she said to the underside of his comforter.He pushed his plate down to the foot of the bed and put his head under the blankets to join her.