• Moon Island (Vampire for Hire #7) A Question of Identity (Simon Serrailler #7)

    But perhaps that was all over now, and he had been expecting such a reversal. Sooner or later, the natural order of balance had to be brought to bear, and that meant that all of this must inevitably shift back, somehow.

    Look, I’m not stupid, okay. Roddy has fancied me his entire life so it was obvious he was pretty fucking satisfied with himself. She made a face. But I can see what he can’t.That sex between us only messes things up. I can’t have casual sex with Roddy.

    Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson Guardian #1)

    What if he doesn’t want to have casual sex? He definitely didn’t.Of course it’s casual sex. It’s Roddy.Oh dear God, how could she be so blind? I’m pretty sure Roddy sees you as more than casual sex.

    Midnight Pleasures (Wild Wulfs of London #0)

    Exactly. He cares about me. Like I care about him. So being fuck buddies—no matter how amazing the sex was, and oh my God, it was annoyingly amazing—will only damage how we feel for each other. He’s a bloke, so he can’t see that far ahead, but I can.Maybe it would turn into something more?

    Nora, she huffed my name in exasperation, it won’t. That’s what I’m trying to say. But Roddy … he doesn’t get it. Slumping down again, her eyes watered. He’s really mad at me right now. I think I may have acted like what we’d done was disgusting and somehow managed to hurt his feelings. You know … the ones he pretends he doesn’t have.

    My chest ached for Roddy because I knew she’d more than hurt his feelings. She’d given him everything he’d ever wanted and then taken it away, as if what they’d done was shameful. I knew Seonaid hadn’t meant it and I could see how remorseful she felt, but I was still hurt on Roddy’s behalf. He cares about you, Seonaid. You need to tell him everything you told me.At least out in the country there’s a way to get food, I continue. There’s trout in the river, berries to pick, wild greens in the fields, deer in the woods, and the opportunity to plant a garden if you have a little plot of land.

    Survival of the fittest, Captain Wolfe says. It’s each man for himself and his family. That’s why I like the CCC camps. Those boys want to work and they are willing to work hard, but the bums outside the hotel are just looking for handouts.But they’re too old for the camps, in their forties and fifties. What do fellows like that do?

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service (James Bond #11)

    There’s the Public Works Administration. They’re building a new highway in Pennsylvania.But everyone can’t get work with the relief programs. I’ve heard unemployment in West Virginia is over fifty percent . . . in a few counties, eighty.

    Survival of the fittest, Captain Wolfe says again, and then we are silent until we pass through Liberty and cross back over the Hope, where we can see the tents that are pitched in the shelter of the stone bridge. Men are huddled around campfires in the snow and mud. . . .The roads are bad. Do you think you should stay the night at the Hesters’ house and go home in the morning? You’d be welcome, I’m sure, but all we have is a sofa.

    No, I’ll be fine. It’s clearing up.We slip sideways on Salt Lick as we plow through a drift, but finally make it home. As he walks me to the door an awkwardness closes around us.

    Well, I had a lovely time. I thank my escort as I stand shivering on the walk and I’m surprised when he takes my hand.You’re a beautiful woman, Captain Wolfe says. Perhaps just a little too soft-hearted. . . . When he smiles, his white teeth gleam in the porch light.