• City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5) Reckless (The House of Rohan #2)

    Nesryn chuckled. Borte, meet—

    A rough tent stood around them, the sole light provided by a lantern swinging in the bitter wind that crept in through the flaps. Shed been piled high with blankets, though he sat on an overturned bucket, still in his armor, with nothing to warm him.Lysandra peeled her tongue off the roof of her mouth and listened to the world beyond the dim tent.

    A Quick Bite (Argeneau #1)

    Chaos. Shouting. Some men screaming.We yielded Perranth, Aedion said hoarsely. Weve been on the run for two days now. Another three days, and well reach Orynth.Her brows narrowed slightly. Shed been unconscious for that long?

    Santa Claws (Wyndham Werewolf #4)

    We had to put you in a wagon with the other wounded. Tonights the first weve dared to stop. The strong column of his throat bobbed. A storm struck to the south. Its slowed Morath down—just enough.She tried to swallow against the dryness in her throat. The last she remembered, shed been facing those ilken, never so aware of the limitations of a mortal body, of how even Aelin, who seemed so tall as she swaggered through the world, was dwarfed by the creatures. Then those claws had ripped into her leg. And shed managed to make a perfect swing. To take one of them down.

    You rallied our army, he said. We lost the battle, but they didnt run in shame.

    Lysandra managed to pull a hand from beneath the blankets, and strained for the jug of water set beside the bed. Aedion was instantly in motion, filling a cup.Something shuttered in Lorcans eyes at that, and she thought hed say more, but his head dipped. Then he began to unlace her other boot.

    What are you doing? Her words were a breathless rush.His deft fingers—gods above, those fingers—made quick work of her laces. You should soak that foot. And soak in general. As I said, you work too hard.

    Winter's Passage (The Iron Fey #1.5)

    You said I should rest more.Because you work too hard. He jerked his chin toward the bath as he pulled off the boot and helped her rise. Ill go find some food.

    I already ate—You should eat more.

    Giving her privacy without the awkwardness of her needing to ask for it. Thats what he was trying to do.Barefoot before him, Elide peered into his granite-hewn face. Shrugged out of her cloak, then jacket. Lorcans throat bobbed.

    She knew he could hear her heart as it began racing. Could likely scent every emotion on her. But she said, I need help. Getting into the bath.Do you, now. His voice was near-guttural.