• Back on Blossom Street (Blossom Street #4) A Highland Werewolf Wedding (Heart of the Wolf #11)

    I was the first woman in this bed. A possessive smile graced my face, and I stole the packet from him, ripping it open, and then stared at it. Opening it was all well and good, but putting it on . . .

    Cold exploded in my chest, and I stiffened in Nikolas’s arms. Vampires, I choked out. I had no idea how I knew it, but there were eight vampires coming at us fast. Eight.Nikolas tensed and Seamus and Niall drew their swords. Behind us I heard our weapons bag hit the ground and the soft whine of metal as more swords were drawn. I found myself suddenly passed from Nikolas’s arms to Eldeorin’s. Get her out of here, Nikolas ordered before he spun away to take the sword offered to him by Jordan.

    Pierced (Lucian & Lia #1)

    No! My cry was lost on the wind as the city disappeared into a black void I had experienced once before. Seconds later, Eldeorin stood in front of a large white mansion with a fountain in the middle of the well-lit driveway. I struggled in his arms, but I was as weak as a kitten. Take me back. We can’t leave them there alone.Calm yourself, Cousin, he soothed as he walked toward the mansion. You cannot help your friends in your condition. It would only endanger them if you were there because they would try to protect you.Then leave me here and go back and help them, please.

    The Love Trials 2 (The Love Trials #2)

    He stopped at a set of double doors. Your safety is my only concern. Do not fret. Your friends can handle a few vampires.The doors opened and a short person in a white uniform ushered us inside. Eldeorin strode across the marble foyer and up a wide flight of stairs. At the end of the hallway, he opened the door to a large bedroom and set me down on the high four-poster bed.

    Terrified for Nikolas and my friends, I slid off the bed, but my legs crumpled underneath me. Eldeorin caught me and lifted me back into the bed. The cold in my chest had been replaced with squeezing pain that made me gasp for breath. I have to go back. Please take me back.

    Eldeorin laid a hand on my forehead and muttered something in a language I did not understand. My mind filled with a warm fog that beckoned me and made me want to close my eyes. No, I sobbed, fighting as the fog closed in around me.I watched until the white car disappeared around a bend in the long driveway. When I turned toward the house, Nikolas put a hand on my arm. You okay?

    Yes, I lied. Are you going out?Chris and I are headed next door for a few hours to help them set up. I’ll be back before dinner. The increased vampire activity in California had prompted the Mohiri to set up a temporary command center in the large house they had rented next door. Two units were arriving today with a truckload of equipment and supplies.

    Autumn (Autumn #1)

    The thought of how quiet this place would be without Roland and Peter almost made me ask Nikolas if I could help him. I kept quiet because I didn’t want to be in his way.After Nikolas and Chris left, Jordan and I went into the huge house that suddenly felt very empty. I turned to the stairs, intending to mope in my room for the rest of the afternoon.

    Jordan caught my arm and swung me around. Oh no, you don’t. You and I finally have this place to ourselves, and you are not hiding out in your room. Heb is making us some yummy snacks, and we are going to watch movies and stuff our faces.I let her drag me to the home theater room. I think I’m getting sick of movies.

    You’re not sick of these. I picked them out just for you. She started the first movie and I turned my head to stare at her.She shrugged and settled back in her seat. You love that book and I wanted to know what the big deal was. I also got Pride and Prejudice and Emma since you seem to like that stuff. She watched the opening credits. I don’t suppose there is any action in this?

    I didn’t respond at first until she gave me a questioning look. Thanks, Jordan.She scrunched her nose. Ah shit, don’t get all weepy on me. I thought you were past that faerie puberty thing.